Tripod lamp, diy

This is an inspiration post not so much a diy instruction, because the lamp is made of mostly scrap.


Old broken camera tripod
Round cap from old lamp
Bulb holder
Electrical cord
Some hardware
IKEA shade


Don’t want to read the book? Watch the movie!

This is the broken tripod i used. I think i have had it at least in fifteen years. A friend gave it to me, I don’t know why because it was broken even then, and why did I keep it all this time. At least now it has a purpose.


To get something to attach the bulb holder to I used a scrap piece from another broken lamp. This broken lamp I have had sins the dawn of time… I think i have some kind of hording disorder.


Measuring and drilling some holes to be able to fastening the scrap piece on the tripod head.


Now its time to add the electrical stuff


Cut the inner cord to about 20-25mm, and strip them about 4-5mm.


Make sure the cord is securely attached.


Now its time to put it all together.


Adding an IKEA Jära lamp shade.


This is the amazing result…… At least I think it is amazing.

The best tripod lamp I ever had! The only tripod lamp I ever had


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